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What is Bespoke Software?

Bespoke or custom software is software with a specific function required by the Client that is not usually available in standard software without modification.

Bespoke software comes in many styles and can be a small or large scale system integrating hardware from different industries

Bespoke software allows all features to be supported as required by the Client, thus getting maximum use from the software itself

Dedicated bespoke software is often seen as expensive; however as DKAF Ltd utilise the same software modules over different systems the cost is substantially reduced and almost always provides a more efficient system

All software developed is targeted towards the Microsoft Windows platform to ensure a common front end format is always used, thus reducing training requirements for the Client

Beta versions will be issued to the Client to ensure testing on real data can be carried out before the final complete version is issued. On-site assistance can be given for the initial implementation and the whole project will be signed off on completion by both parties.